Rise of the Rune Lords

Beautiful Women, Rats, and Skeletons!
You never go alone...

Moonday, Rova 23, 4707


The party wakes up on Moonday ready to figure out what is next, deciding first to sell of some of the gear that they found while defending against the goblins.  On their way to the shops, a beautiful woman named Shayliss Vinder approaches the group, saying that she is in need of assistance.  Kirion immediately catches her eye and she directs most of the conversation at him.  She appears to have a rat problem and her father is too busy dealing with her “loose” sister Katrine who is shacking up with one of the workers at the lumber mill.  When a couple of the other party members mention that they could come along and help, she insists that it’s not big enough for all the party members, just big enough for one, Kirion.  When Kirion insists that he will not go alone, she decides that she no longer needs his help and storms off, leaving the party confused.


After wheeling and dealing at the local armory, Savah’s Armory, owned by Savah Bevanky, the party runs into the Sheriff, who oddly enough seemed to be out looking for them.  He takes the time for more formal introductions and then thanks you for your service to the community.  Of course, this is not the only reason he has come to see you.  It appears that there was a disturbance at an important vault, the grave of Father Ezakien Tobyn, in the Sandpoint Boneryard.  Although he is sure that it really is nothing, Father Zantus has asked him to check it out.  The Sheriff figured since you all seemed to be fairly adept and already a bit engaged in their current situation he would like to have you all along.  Upon deeper investigation Kirion notices goblin and humanoid footprints.  Once they enter the vault a bigger surprise awaits, two animated skeletons!  After dispatching them quickly, they find a robe of bones that seems to have been used up.  Also and more importantly, they notice that the remains of Ezakien have been taken.  The Sheriff can offer no ready response as to why they would steal the remains of the town’s previous priest, but the party quickly surmises that it seems the raid may have been a distraction to cover up whatever this is.

The Swallowtail Festival
Goblin Raid and Fire Sticks!

Sunday, Rova 22, 4707


At the opening of our newest adventure, our party finds itself at the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint.  This is the consecration of the new cathedral that had been burned down 5 years earlier.  After some enthralling, and maybe less than enthralling, speeches by Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, Cyrdak Drokkus, and Father Zantus, our party enjoyed some of the festivities!  Uldar Anafi, our stout and slightly arrogant halfling, entered the weightlifting competition.  To everyone’s astonishment he managed to win some competition!  The other competitors complained that he did not have to bring the deadlift up very far due to his stature, but a win's a win!  Our dashing rogue, Kirion Wirnn entered into the sack race.  He hopped, and he snuck, but in the end a bit of a stumble cost him the prize!  He ended in fourth place.  Novelle Olwen decided to join the hide and seek game, which made Uldar decide to join as well.  Novelle made it far, but near the end was found.  Uldar, managing to fit himself into a tiny basket in a vendor's cart, won the day once again!  Some grumbling from the other competitors rose again, saying that no “normal” sized person could fit in a basket, but in the end it was decided that there was no rule against being small.  Our ranger Evrain decided not to partake in the festivities of strength, stealth, or agility, but of drink!  He spent the day in the mead tent, singing songs and dancing jigs with his fellow revelers.  Uriel could be seen wandering the crowds, but oddly being eyed and followed by many people.  She kept herself covered, uneasy with the attention, aware that her divine heritage usually brought some stares.  But this crowd seemed even more enamored with her than usual, but the constant speeches and sport kept the crowd from making a bigger deal of the situation. 


At the moment of the consecration, that’s when the goblins struck.  Several troops of them came after our adventurers, and each one was put down with great speed and agility. To everyone's surprise, Evrain was neither poisoned or diseased.  Father Zantus offered some healing in the midst of the battle which allowed our adventurers to continue on.  After hearing cries for help and the yelp of another unsuspecting dog being slain, our group surprised a handful of Goblins and one of their commandos cornering a man they came to know as Aldern Foxglove.  Once they dispatched the goblins, Aldern thanked them profusely, especially our druid Novelle, for their bravery in rescuing him.  He invited them to where he is currently staying, the Rusty Dragon, for a drink.  Once again, he is mostly interested in Novelle showing up, but indicated that everyone is invited.


With that final battle the goblin raid seemed to be repelled and the remaining goblins left in whatever way they could go, some even running off the cliff to their own demise.  One such goblin was captured but gave up very little under interrogation.  The only useful piece of information was that it was a “longshanks” who had told them to raid Sandpoint.  Beyond that he had no other useful information.  Before you could figure out what to do for the night, Ameiko Kaijitsu, a local innkeeper and owner of the Rusty Dragon, thanked you for your bravery in defending her town and offered your entire party free rooms for the week.  Grateful, you all accepted and spent the night at the Rusty Dragon.

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