Rise of the Rune Lords

The very speedy, and way overdue, update of our current adventure...

By Sir Not Appearing in this Film

When we last left our adventurers they had just faced off with the first group of Goblins in the Glassworks.  But moments after the battle a new group of Goblins, led by none other that Tsuto Kaijistu, emerged.  He sent the Goblins forward, tucked tail, and bravely ran away.  After defeating the next wave of Goblins, in which I'm pretty sure one of the Goblins merely dodged and taunted you for a bit, you gave chase.  Tsuto most definitely ran the wrong way, which was totally not the DM's fault at all, and led you into a very confusing dungeon that you totally would have found on your own because the party is super awesome.  

After defeating Tsuto, he surrendered, gave you some info, and he, being so very naughty in your sight, was executed.  You continued into this dungeon, fighting sin spawn, weird flying demon things, and a deformed goblin, and learning absolutely nothing about all the weird stuff going on in this very silly place, decided to go back to the Glassworks and search some more.  Not very surprisingly you found Ameiko Kaijistu, who then gave you free stay for life at the Rusty Dragon, right before you awkwardly told her what the Goblins did to her dad.  Before you left you found a very important piece of information, Tsuto's Journal, which besides the very… revealing drawings of Nualia, point you in the direction of the Goblin tribe stronghold of Thistletop.

After returning to Sandpoint to regroup and for Novelle to once again receive the honor of the attention on Aldern Foxglove, they spend the night and plan their raid of Thistletop.  Upon arriving the group finds a secret entrance and manages to get across a bridge, sneak by some Goblins, and then get to fighting inside the complex.  Along the way you find an emaciated horse, shortly after Kiirion was bit by a dog and got the rabies.  But even crazier, they found a bard named Abigail, whose party was captured and mostly killed by the goblins.  She was kept alive to amuse the hilariously named Chief Ripnugget.  Taking her along, the party managed to take all the EXACT RIGHT turns and doors, bypassing the majority of the dungeon, and finding themselves on the third level.  Kiirion, even after he made the DM aware of his "special trap-finding abilities", still managed to get himself trapped in one mother****er of a trap and then dropped into a hole unconscious.  While everyone was figuring out what the heck to do, Uldar JUST SO HAPPENS to open the door to the bad guy (technically girl) of the WHOLE FREAKING CHAPTER!  He promptly shuts the door (after much out of game discussion, so not to promptly) but before they could figure out what to do next a big, bag dog comes out and attacks them.  After a short battle where Evrain almost dies due to a seriously massive dog bite, the druid does a pretty cool thing and turns the trap to clay, pulling out Kiirion, healing him up, and exiting this area stage right.  

Once back up to the top, the party makes a bold decision and goes after Ripnugget.  Since the alarm had pretty much already been sounded, he was definitely ready.  A long and poorly rolled battle ensued, to which the Druid once again did something pretty cool and sent this ball of fire rolling around chasing down the bad guys, they finally managed to slay Ripnugget and all his buddies.  Beaten, poorly supplied, and generally embarrassed and frustrated, the party decides to flee and live to fight another day.

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